Unity Playmaker Action Sets

Post Processing Stack Playmaker Action Set

The Post Processing Stack is Unitys long awaited post processing stack which includes everything from color correction to bloom. The following playmaker actions allow you to control all aspects of the post processing stack. Please note however, it does also require the Post Processing Utilities Tool to work (which is also free).

A sample... Learn More

Ballistic Projectile Helper Playmaker Actions

The Ballistic Projectile Helper Asset for Unity, is a simple set of custom functions used for the calculation of projectiles in Unity.

Do you have questions like "What direction should I shoot my cannonball with a fixed speed in order to hit a target position? Or is my speed not enough to hit the target at all?" This asset will help you... Learn More

Shadow Detect Playmaker Action Set

An easy to use free Unity Asset which allows you to know whether your character is in the shadow or non-shadow area. It doesnt get much more simple than this. Along with the playmaker actions below, you are ready to build a stealth game with playmaker!

Actions Included:

Ragdoll - Hit Reaction Manager Playmaker Actions

Ragdoll Hit Reaction Manage is a powerful yet fair priced ragdoll and physics hit reaction system. It can be used to simulate hits using physics (such as blows from falling objects, gunshot hits or strikes from bunt weapons). It can also simulate full rag doll death simulations, and most importantly can perform ragdoll back to mecanim in Unity... Learn More

Outline Effects Playmaker Actions

This playmaker action set allows you to easily control the Outline Effect (free) Asset from the Unity store. This asset controls and draws outline around sprite, lines or mesh renderer objects.

The playmaker action set includes the following actions:

Textmesh Pro Custom Playmaker Actions

"Textmesh Pro is the ultimate text solution for Unity", made even better with custom Playmaker actions. These actions allow you to control virtually every aspect of Textmesh Pro right from inside of Playmaker!

Included Actions:

Textmesh Pro Basic:

Textmesh Pro

Playmaker Actions for X-Weapon Trails

Use the premier weapon trail scripting solution, X Weapon Trail now with Playmaker! This Playmaker action set allows you to control every aspect of your weapons trails within playmaker. It couldn't be easier!

Change your weapon trail colors, material types, frames per second and more.

Playmaker Actions for X-Weapon Trails

VRweapons Playmaker Actions

This VRweapons Playmaker action set can control or change virtual every aspect of the VRweapons package via playmaker. This gives you the ability to reload your guns by playmaker, change your gun stats, and even change the type of gun itself! I have also included playmaker actions to manage the health script so that playmaker can increase your... Learn More

VRweapons Playmaker Actions

VRTK Playmaker Actions

This playmaker action set for VRTK extends the VRTK toolset into playmaker and allows playmaker users to unlock the full potential of VRTK without any coding (and instead, visual programming). This playmaker action set is currently underdevelopment, but is in working order to use now. Future updates should not break any projects (however, it is... Learn More

VRTK Playmaker Actions