VRweapons Playmaker Actions

VRweapons Playmaker Actions

VRweapons is the premier drag and drop weapons scripting solution for Unity and Steam VR (HTC Vive). It takes 5 to 10 minutes to change a gun model into a fully functioning weapon in Unity. This package also includes a health script to place on objects or enemies who will receive damage from the guns.

This VRweapons Playmaker action set can control or change virtual every aspect of the VRweapons package via playmaker. This gives you the ability to reload your guns by playmaker, change your gun stats, and even change the type of gun itself! I have also included playmaker actions to manage the health script so that playmaker can increase your max or current health (player upgrades or player healing). This can also allow you to trigger death animations (animations no included) or partical effects such as blood upon impact (partical effects not included).

The VRweapons Playmaker action set is currently free on our github account.

Included Actions:

Set Magazine Ammo

Get Magazine Ammo

Set Magazine Weapon Type

Set Magazine Use

Set Weapon Audio

Set Weapon Automatic Chamber

Set Weapon Bullet Spread Max

Set Weapon Bullet Spread Range

Set Weapon Bullet Spread Time

Set Weapon Burst Amount

Set Weapon Damage

Set Weapon Fire Rate

Set Haptic Time

Set Weapon Haptics

Set Weapon Impact

Set Weapon Projectile Force

Set Weapon Projectile Object

Set Weapon Range

Set Weapon Shotgun Pellets