Ballistic Projectile Helper Playmaker Actions

The Ballistic Projectile Helper Asset for Unity, is a simple set of custom functions used for the calculation of projectiles in Unity.

Do you have questions like "What direction should I shoot my cannonball with a fixed speed in order to hit a target position? Or is my speed not enough to hit the target at all?" This asset will help you perform those calculations.

The following playmaker actions can access all the calculations of this asset through playmaker!


Outline Effects Playmaker Actions

This playmaker action set allows you to easily control the Outline Effect (free) Asset from the Unity store. This asset controls and draws outline around sprite, lines or mesh renderer objects.

The playmaker action set includes the following actions:

  • enableOutlineEffectRender
  • setOutlineEffectCameraColor0
  • setOutlineEffectCameraColor1
  • setOutlineEffectCameraColor2
  • setOutlineEffectCameraLineSettings
  • setOutlineEffectColorInt

Last time we checked however, this asset is not rendering correctly in VR.

Textmesh Pro Custom Playmaker Actions

"Textmesh Pro is the ultimate text solution for Unity", made even better with custom Playmaker actions. These actions allow you to control virtually every aspect of Textmesh Pro right from inside of Playmaker!

Included Actions:

Textmesh Pro Basic:

  • enable TextmeshPro Font Asset
  • enable TextmeshPro Font Size
  • enable TextmeshPro Font Style
  • enable TextmeshPro Text
  • enable TextmeshPro Text Alignment
  • enable TextmeshPro Text Color

Textmesh Pro Advanced: