Unity Tutorials

Playmaker + Post Processing Stack for Unity

Learn to setup playmaker actions for the new popular Post Processing Stack for Unity using Keijiro's controller utilities script along with my free custom actions.

Hit Reaction Manager (Ragdoll) with Playmaker - Raycast, Click and Manual Location

In this tutorial we look at getting hit reactions using the third party asset "Ragdoll - Hit Reaction Manager" along with playmaker. We use three methods to trigger hit reactions including setting a manual location, mouse click and raycast. Great for natural reactions to gunshots, collisions and other "hits".

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Playmaker + Textmesh Pro for Unity: How To

In this tutorial learn how to download the free Textmesh Pro Playmaker action set to use with the now free asset, Textmesh Pro. Next we look at some basic usage of these playmaker actions.

Custom Unity Playmaker Action: Outline Effect (Free)

Custom Playmaker actions for the unity store asset Outline Effects. In this tutorial we show you how to use the asset as well as briefly cover the playmaker actions.

Unity Playmaker and Vive - Create touchable UGUI Buttons with Various Options

Learn how to setup your vive controller and ugui buttons for on touch (on trigger enter) events. Optionally trigger your ugui button highlight color or use the Vive trigger to confirm your ugui button touch, all with playmaker and no scripting.

X-Weapon Trail with Playmaker Unity (Compatible with VR, 3D, 2D)

Learn how to use X-Weapon Trail with playmaker in your next VR, 3D or 2D for your next Unity game.

Playmaker + VRTK Controller Actions in Unity: Basic Introduction

Learn how to use custom (free) playmaker actions with VRTK in unity to toggle gameobjects on and off using the "menu" button on the Vive. This is a great trick to turn your menu canvas off and on for your next Vive project.

VRTK + Playmaker : Changing Pointers Colors During Runtime (No Scripting)

Learn how to change your pointer colors for VRTK in Unity with playmaker (no scripting). This basic tutorial lays out the basic structure of using custom playmaker actions for VRTK.

VRTK Vive Trackpad + Playmaker for Force Controller Movement (Physics Movement)

Learn to use the VRTK trackpad with playmaker (using free custom actions) to move a gameobject using force (force controller movement). This is great if you want a physics based game with characters or gameobjects moved via trackpad (single or dual).

VRTK Vive Trackpad + Playmaker to Move Third Person Controller Game Object

Use VRTK for SteamVR in Unity along with Playmaker and our custom actions for visual scripting solution to moving the Unity Character Controller game objects around the screen. This video introduces the basic concepts of the trackpad controller on Vive and how to store and use Vector2 and Vector3 variables in playmaker.